It doesn’t matter if you are running an ecommerce or a membership site. Maybe you want to sell digital books or graphics designs or even charge for your freelance jobs by the Internet.

In all these cases, you will need a payment gateway to manage your payments, refunds and so on. If you’ve ever deal with bank virtual payment gateways, you know it´s kinda nightmare, with endless pdf manuals for configuration. Its true nowadays it´s easier than years ago but, shouldn’t you focus on your core business and not to “lose” time with other stuff.

Stripe is a really easy to use payment gateway. You’ll be amazed with how easy and powerful it is. You just have to register your bank account so you will get your api keys to connect with platforms as WordPress.

Stripe provides a really good checkout but it also provides and API for developers so you can configure and customize it to fit your needs.

Stripes charges a low fee for every transaction and will transfer the money to your bank account regularly.