If you’re going to build your website with WordPress, you need to do it in a server. So, you have mainly, two options:

  • Hosted server
  • Local server

If the project is in its early days, you probably don’t need a hosting service yet, so a local installation should suit your needs.

Setting a local server up may not be a simple process if you are not familiar with it. Normally, you could do it with some utilities such as Mamp or Xampp, so you will have a MySQL and Apache server up and running in a few minutes. Before that, you have to install WordPress as if you were on your production server.

Instead of that, give a try to Local, a tool from FlyWheel, that make ridiculously ease setting up a WordPress site. You just need to create a new site by clicking a button, set your admin username and password and…that´s all folks!!!