Really useful tool for developers or anyone interested in code. Codepen allows you to test new development languages, new CSS properties or little code snippets very easily, just typing the code or copy-pasting it from a post or tutorial!

You don’t have to create a html file, link it to its stylesheet…it´s everything included out-of-the-box. So you can write HTML, CSS and JavaScript code from the very first moment you open the tool.

It´s 100% online and collaborative. This means that your code is public and anyone can fork it and create their own project. Same way, you can take advantage of other people’s code and examples.

Definitely a very interesting tool, one you will learn a lot with, and in a very simple and funny way. Besides, you can use preprocessors like SASS, PostCSS or Less for your CSS, TypeScript or CoffeeScript for your JavaScript…and a few more. You have also EMMET support for your HTML.

You can use Codepen totally free, but if you want to have premium options like private pens, Live View, the ability to embed your code in a website or presentation…and many more options, you can become a Pro user for a monthly fee.