No doubts our security on the Internet is becoming more important each day. We all have more and more service logins, payment services credentials…and so on.

We know about security recommendations such as long passwords, with different type of characters, no obvious relationship with our personal life or data, but people normally don’t follow these rules. It´s also quite usual to use same password for all our services and devices. So, if we were hacked, all of our data would be compromised.

If you want to change this and you have decided to improve your data privacy and security, 1password is the service you have to try. 

With years of experience in personal data security and a bunch of apps for different platforms, you will be able to manage your passwords, pin codes and other data securely, in a very easy way. Not to mention the wide range of different options you will have in terms of password length or encryption. With 1password you won’t have to worry about your data anymore.